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(Dr. Rowen’s Website) Nothing strikes fear into a person more than sitting in front of the doctor and hearing the word “cancer.” All of a sudden, everything goes blank and your mortality stares you in the face. And immediately, you are hustled in to one, two, or all of three “therapies” (slash, burn and poison) seemingly at the speed of light, with dire warnings to act quickly or face death. Sadly, most Americans submit, due to abject fear.

Look at the persons to your right, or left. Statistically, one of them will be struck with cancer. The treatment is an industry, and its politics are gruesome. In California, for example, it is a crime to treat cancer with anything other than the aforementioned “therapies” to “protect” you, the consumer. Yet there is a Catch-22. A cure has never been reported for these gruesome treatments for stage 4 cancer, except for a few limited tumors like testicular or some blood dyscrasias. At best, they extend life by a few weeks or months but at a horrific cost to your bank account and worse to your quality of life.

The pundits will scream, “Early detection saves lives,” but by the time a cancer is detectable, almost 100 percent of people have circulating cancer cells in their bloodstream. Hence, it’s really a joke to cut the tumor out, and an absolute lie for the surgeon to say “We got it all.” (Johnson and Johnson is developing a blood test which detects cancer cells in the bloodstream as this book is printed). Cut it out? What happens when you cut a section of mold off a piece of cheese? In a few days three more mold spots appear. Cancer behaves no differently. It’s usually just a matter of time before micro metastases or circulating cancer cells manifest into new tumors. Interestingly, about twenty percent of many cancers are destined to go nowhere even if not treated at all. Could the apparent “cures” of these early excisions be nothing more than a reflection of tumors that were destined to be contained by a functioning immune system? I personally think so!

The only answer to cancer is prevention. But, that, too, is difficult. We are so awash in a sea of poisons that even unborn babies are marinating in up to 200 different man made toxic chemicals. Our foods are sprayed with them. Monsanto is condemning us to GMO Frankenfood with the blessing and protection of our own government. Our soils are depleted of minerals and the Standard American Diet (SAD) makes all but a few of us dangerously nutritionally depleted. Most all of us are at risk of eventually hearing the “C” word.

A Canadian survey of oncologists found that few oncologists, if any, would take their own potions. In my 22 years in Alaska, I knew of one oncologist who clandestinely flew to Mexico for treatment rather than submit to chemo. You don’t need to go to Mexico. There are brave American physicians who are thinking outside of the box and, in some cases, risking their necks to bring you less toxic or even non-toxic treatments. A century ago, doctors were injecting pancreatic enzymes and inducing remissions. In my 22 years in Alaska, I met several people “cured” by the pioneering work of Dr. William Donald Kelley (a dentist no less!) who simply changed their diets, provided them with enzymes orally, and detoxified them. You’ll read about that treatment, among others, in this book.

Successful cancer treatment doesn’t have to be expensive, either. Decades ago, Max Gerson, MD, documented scores of cures with diet and juicing alone. I’ve had several patients go into remission with just diet, supplements and detox strategies. But cancer is a lifelong treatment. It represents a failure of your immune system. Once a cancer patient, always a cancer patient. Two such women with stage four breast cancer who went into total remission felt that they had beat the disease and jumped off the diet wagon a few years later. Shortly afterward, their cancers returned with a vengeance.

The cancers of today are not the same as just two generations ago, in Gerson’s day. We are far more toxic and nutritionally depleted. Our stresses are far higher. All these impair the ultimate killer of cancer—your immune system. While some patients might respond to simple measures, others may require more intensive treatment to reduce their tumor burden while supporting the immune system. The questions become “what therapies to do?” and “who to go to?”

This book may provide you the answer. Here are well-experienced physicians you can “interview” by reading their philosophy and approach. There is no “one size fits all” as there seemingly is in orthodox medicine. I like it when patients come to me having done a lot of personal research and “homework,” prepared with lots of questions about approaches, whether they have cancer or other challenges. Your choices are not limited to just the handful of therapists in this book. Quite possibly there are integrative physicians near you who employ methods you’ll read about shortly.

Cancer, even late stage, does not have to be a death sentence. I recently saw a 76-year-old Indian swami with cancer encircling his cecum (colon) with huge metastases (11 and 9 cm) in his liver. He looked terminal when he barely could cross the threshold into my office on his own power. Within three months, his tumors had shrunk 75 percent, his liver function returned to normal, and he was back at work full time in his spiritual duties. No toxic therapies were applied, only immune support (oral and IV). Though still bearing a tumor, he is still alive and functioning normally fifteen months after first coming to my office.

Please read and study the information in this book. You do have many wonderful and often effective alternatives to “slash, burn and poison.”

Robert Jay Rowen, MD
Affectionately known as the Father of Medical Freedom


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