Note: In this book, 15 cancer doctors share the details of their treatment protocols and answer difficult questions about cancer. Each physician is given their own chapter in the book. The page you are viewing contains sample material; to read the rest of the book, you can place your order for the book from the publisher, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble. You can also buy the Kindle Edition.

1. What is cancer? What causes it?

2. What is your treatment approach? How effective is it for different types and stages of cancer?

3. What are your treatment outcomes and can you provide statistics on your success for treating late-stage cancers?

4. What are your dietary recommendations for those with cancer?

5. What lifestyle recommendations do you suggest for people with cancer?

6. Describe the role of emotional trauma/emotions in healing from cancer. Do you recommend that your patients do any type of spiritual/psychological therapies as part of their healing process? How integral are these to their healing?

7. Do you recommend detoxification therapies to your patients? If so, which ones?

8. What supportive treatments do you recommend, besides those described in your main protocol? Do you believe that supporting the hormones, for example, should be an important part of treatment?

9. What are the greatest roadblocks or challenges to healing?

10. Are there any treatments, either within conventional or natural medicine, which are dangerous and/or ineffective?

11. How can friends and family support their loved ones with cancer?

12. What do you wish that more people with cancer knew when seeking out treatments?

13. How does medical politics influence the availability of effective treatments?

14. What else do you want readers to know about your work as a cancer practitioner?

15. What factors influence healing?

16. What are your final words of wisdom for cancer patients?

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