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EXCERPTED FROM Dr. Mumby’s Chapter: Chemicals in the environment create hormonal imbalances in the body which then stimulate cancer development. This makes chemical clean-up around the home and workplace important. Hormonal imbalances are a stumbling block to healing from cancer.

The medical community knows that a large number of cancers are hormonally-influenced, but I don’t like the hormone-blocking drugs that are commonly prescribed to people with these types of cancer; aromatase-inhibitors, and others, like Tamoxifen, because the science behind them isn’t very good. One of the most effective estrogen-blocking herbs is called puerarin, which is from Thailand. It’s sometimes jokingly referred to as HRT (Herbal Remedy from Thailand). It blocks natural estrogenic activity, and is three times more powerful than soy isoflavones.  Breast cancer is unknown in the region of Thailand where puerarin grows, and studies from universities all around the world have demonstrated the powerful estrogenic properties of this herb. It functions by attaching to estrogen receptors on cancer cells, so that these receptors are blocked from receiving natural estrogen, but it doesn’t have estrogenic effects upon the body. This herb has more solid science behind it than any other that I know of and can be used in lieu of hormone-blocking drugs in people with hormonally-influenced cancers.

One of the problems that men with prostate cancer face is estrogen excess. As part of men’s aging process, testosterone gets increasingly metabolized into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which isn’t actually testosterone, but a type of estrogen, the effects of which can be blocked with puerarin. I know men who take this herb as a prophylaxis to block the effects of male estrogen in their bodies.

Looking at and addressing other hormone imbalances in the body with homeopathic and other remedies is likewise important. There’s a strong association between thyroid insufficiency and cancer. Thyroid insufficiency impacts the immune system, and I would prescribe supplements, such as homeopathic thyroid extracts, which stimulate the thyroid gland, to my patients with this condition.

Similarly, people with cancer also suffer from adrenal exhaustion, which also impacts the immune system. Their adrenal glands can’t cope with stress, but these glands play an important role in healing the body from cancer, so restoring them is important. I found homeopathic remedies such as phosphoric acid, argentum nitricum, and gelsemium, (just to name a few) to be useful for supporting weak adrenals.

Finally, pancreatic shock ranks high on the list of triggering factors for any disease, including cancer, so I would commonly prescribe my patients homeopathic pancreatic formulas for this problem, as well.  I would also attempt to discover what disease processes were impacting their pancreases. Sometimes I would find old diseases, such as scarlet fever, that were still exerting an influence, like a shadow, over their organs. I would then prescribe them homeopathic remedies to remove that influence.

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  • Pillar of Healing #3: Alternative Psychology
  • Summary
  • Homotoxicology for Detoxification
  • Homotoxicology for Releasing Miasms
  • Mistletoe
  • How Naturopathic Treatments Benefit Those Who Do Chemotherapy
  • Treating Dental Problems
  • Erasing the Harmful Effects of Vaccines
  • Balancing the Hormones with Herbs and Homeopathic Remedies
  • Treatment Outcomes
  • Considerations When Searching for a Cancer Doctor
  • Low-Cost Cancer Treatments
  • Ineffective Cancer Treatments
  • Patient/Practitioner Challenges to Healing
  • How Friends and Family Can Support Their Loved Ones with Cancer
  • New Developments in Conventional Medicine
  • Final Words 

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