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EXCERPTED FROM Dr. Gonzalez’s Chapter: One of the problems with getting our treatment approach into mainstream medicine is that enzymes and nutritional supplements can’t be patented, and therefore, aren’t studied and promoted because drug companies don’t want to fund anything that can’t be patented. I understand the position that the drug companies are in, but there needs to be a change in our governmental policies, too, and the government is in collusion with the drug companies. There are a thousand full-time drug company lobbyists in Washington. That’s two for every congressman and senator! They are all working full-time, making six figure incomes and trying to influence medical legislation. Right now, drug companies are happy about the new health care legislation under President Obama, because their drugs will all be covered by the new health care laws. This is because their lobbyists have cut special deals with congressmen in the back rooms in Washington. The drug companies will make billions of dollars under these new laws. There is nothing in medical legislation that favors alternative medicine. That’s why drug companies aren’t fighting Obama’s health care plan. Their drugs are going to be paid for now, by taxpayers—to the tune of billions of dollars in profits per year. There is so much collusion between government research institutions like the NCI (National Cancer Institute) and the drug companies. I know because I worked with the NCI for ten years and it’s like the Harvard business school for the drug industry! You go to work for the NCI, FDA, NIH (National Institutes of Health), and after five or ten years, you can go to work as an executive for a drug company and earn 1.5 million dollars per year. These government institutions are training ground for drug company executives. And for them, scientific truth is secondary to profit. 

One of the nice things about living in a relatively free country is that people can still raise their voices and protest such injustices, but the fact that no drug company opposes the Obama Care health plan is detrimental to the work of people like me, because we receive no support, no insurance coverage, and no research funding for our treatments. It all goes to the drug companies.

Sadly, politicians don’t understand medicine, and if the information that they receive about it doesn’t come from a drug company lobbyist, then they don’t hear about it, don’t care, and aren’t interested in any other type of medicine.  So the only way that people like me survive is because of word of mouth. People hear about my office and the successful results that we have here, and they come. Or they hear about it through books, like this one and Suzanne Somers’. The interest in alternative, or natural, medicine is driven strictly by the American population. It’s a wonderful thing to see. This interest persists despite the enormous antagonism of the NCI, NIH, government research groups, and the drug companies that would rather get rid of supplements and doctors like me. We survive only because of public demand, because the voice of the people demands that we exist. The support for what we do isn’t going to come from the government or the drug companies—that I promise you. They couldn’t care less about successful cancer treatments in alternative medicine. They actually think the world would be better off without supplements and “alternative” medicine.

[End Excerpt]

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  • Treatment Protocol
  • Diet
  • Nutrient Supplementation
  • Pancreatic Enzymes
  • Detoxification
  • Considerations in Treatment
  • Treatment Outcomes
  • Other Doctors Who Do Pancreatic Enzyme Therapy
  • The Role of Stress, the Mind and Spirituality in Healing
  • The Problem with Conventional Cancer Care
  • Why Oncologists Use Conventional Medicine, Even When It Doesn’t Work
  • The Politics of Cancer and How It Affects Treatment Options
  • My Greatest Challenge as a Practitioner
  • How Friends and Family Can Support Their Loved Ones with Cancer
  • Last Words

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