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EXCERPTED FROM Dr. Celaya & Steve Hines’ Chapter: Every patient’s internal terrain is uniquely altered by cancer, so we must evaluate and treat each of our patients on an individualized basis.  We don’t apply the same protocol to everyone, although we have found that whether our patients have cancer, cardiovascular, autoimmune, or other types of diseases, all of them are depleted in electrolytes at an intracellular level. So we give everybody treatments to replenish their intracellular electrolytes, which in turn restores proper cellular function.

As a society, we experience electrolyte depletion because we are all forced to consume foods that are devoid of potassium and magnesium, and overloaded with sodium.  This eventually leads to intracellular depletion of potassium and magnesium.  When in this state, the cell’s voltage-gated sodium channels cease to function properly. This causes potassium to leak out of the cell and the cell to fill up with sodium and excess water, which then causes edema (or swelling), which cripples the cell and prevents it from functioning normally. The result is a low energy state in the body and the collapse of cell membrane potentials.  (Cell membrane potentials are synonymous with electric charge, and refer to the difference in voltage, or electrical potential difference, between the interior and exterior of a cell). This is important because without an adequate electrical charge, the cell can’t open and close to let oxygen and nutrients in, and waste or toxins out.

We have spent years at our clinic perfecting the art of repairing this common problem, and have created a system called “Hyper Cellular Respiration Therapy” to solve it. This involves using IPT to open the cell’s glucose channels to allow glucose, electrolytes, vitamins, co-factors, and enzymes to enter into its intracellular compartments. We do this, along with pulsed magnetic coil therapy,  which assists with restoring the cell membrane’s electrical charge. We find that we are able to consistently accomplish this in our patients, with just four to six weeks of therapy.

We use just about every tool in the holistic toolbox to help our patients. While they stay at our clinic, we give them fresh green juices daily, put them on detoxification regimens, and provide them with pastoral counseling.  Most patients receive three to four separate IV bags daily, which may contain anything from nutrients to botanical extracts such as Ukraine, Iscador, and Selectox, to various reactive oxygen species (chemically reactive molecules that contain oxygen and which are used to oxidize pathogens and toxins), anti-viral, and anti-fungal substances. It’s important for us to treat viral, fungal, and other infections in our cancer patients because such infections can suppress the immune system and lower patients’ energy levels.  And patients need lots of energy to beat cancer!

We also make specific, individualized vaccines to relieve patients of their allergies, which in turn helps to restore their immune function so that they can better fight their cancers. Chronic allergies are a major cause of Th-2 dominant, or inflammatory, immune system responses. When patients are Th-2 dominant, their cytotoxic T-cells, natural killer cells, and macrophages, which are all important for fighting cancer, don’t work like they should. Even normal programmed cell death (apoptosis) is suspended.

Additionally, we administer substances such as glycoproteins, to increase macrophage and T-cell activity, and enhance cellular communications. These are essential for proper communication among natural killer cells, cytotoxic T-cells, and macrophages. They are integrated into the cell membrane of immune system cells and help those cells to recognize cancer cells.

Fungal or yeast cell membrane extracts such as Beta 1,3D glucans, when injected or ingested, also stimulate the immune system so that it can better fight cancer.

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  • About Hope Wellness Center
  • What Causes Cancer
  • Testing and Treatment Approach
  • Controlling the Over-Expression of Estrogen Receptors on Cancer Cells
  • Restoring Proper Cellular and Immune Function with Electrolytes and Other Nutrients
  • The Relationship between Fungal Infections and Cancer
  • Anti-Coagulant Therapy
  • Inhibiting the MDR-1 Pump
  • Dendritic Cell Vaccines and Stem Cell Therapies
  • Dietary Recommendations
  • Detoxification
  • Balancing the Hormones and Neurotransmitters
  • Treatment Outcomes
  • Factors That Influence Healing
  • Roadblocks to Healing
  • What More People Should Know About Cancer Treatments
  • Our Greatest Challenge as Practitioners Who Treat Cancer
  • Dangerous and Ineffective Cancer Treatments
  • Inexpensive, but Effective, Cancer Treatments
  • How Family and Friends Can Support Their Loved Ones with Cancer
  • Final Words

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